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Crosswalks image not mine article

10 Scriptures to Keep in Front of You throughout the Day - Bible Study

Let’s face it—with all the hard and scary stuff going on around us, we may find ourselves waking up anxious and discouraged and going to bed the same way. As bad as that is, it also puts us at risk of damaging our witness for Christ in our day-to-day dealings with others. That’s because, as humans, we often allow our feelings to dictate most of our actions.

Autumn article

10 Beautiful Psalms for Autumn - Bible Study

It’s early, just after dawn. I plunge my spade into the blackest of soil, and grin as I hear that rowdy rooster from down the lane. He sounds extra energized this morning. Perhaps it’s the slight nip in the air? I hold my seemingly meager seeds and smile, pondering their potential and the transformation they’ll undergo.
I ready them for their slumber, covering them with their blanket of darkness. I tuck them in tight as a cool hint of anticipation dances on the breeze, softly brushing my ponytail aside, reminding me the change of the season is here.

Prayer pixabay article

What the Bible Says about Giving Thanks (and Why It's Important to ...

With our hectic schedules, with life coming at us at mach speed, and the ever present need to problem-solve from sun up to sundown, life quickly becomes exhausting and overwhelming. And with that exhaustion and overwhelm often comes a forgetfulness of the good things in our lives.
We’ve been focused on the hard stuff, the urgent stuff, the not-so-good stuff and have missed opportunities to give thanks. But when we purposefully and consciously take the time daily to stop and give Him thanks, we’re able to put life into perspective.

Hiker 1149898 1280 article

3 Truths to Remember When You are Waiting Out a Storm

Friends, if He brought us through the storm before, He’s faithful to bring us through the storm again. As believers, we can have faith that He will be with us the whole way. In the storms we face, may these truths offer you comfort as you cling to your Heavenly Father’s feet, put on your brave face, and wait for the storm to pass.

Dishes article

The Day I Shopped for Hope, Searched for Joy, and Brought Home ...

So the next time I’m looking for hope and someone’s stolen my joy, (and I’m frantically searching for them in the bottom of a family-sized, potato chip bag, (sour cream & onion, of course)), I’ll choose to remember His sweet promises.
In Him, there is an abundance of readily available hope and joy (and a whole bunch of other good stuff we need, too!). I’ll set my mind on things that are higher; I’ll get my eyes off of myself and my current circumstances...